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Social Event Registration Form

  1. Social Event Registration Form

  2. The purpose of the Social Event Registration, a component of the Good Neighbor program, provides hosts with the opportunity to receive a warning from police, while providing a 20 minute window to voluntarily terminate or quiet the event after a noise complaint has been received. The warning may be given either by phone or delivered in person by a Russellville Police officer.

    The information that you provide while registering your event will be sent to the Russellville Police Department and the Pope County 911 Center prior to the event. If a noise complaint is called in regarding your event, you and/ or your alternate will be notified in person, or by phone, of the alleged complaint. If no other violations of law are observed or reported to the Russellville Police, then the preferred method of handling the noise complaint will be with a warning.

    This social event registration does not prevent the Russellville Police from taking law enforcement actions when violations of Federal, State, or Local laws are reported to this agency or are witnessed by officers. This registration only provides the opportunity for a warning on the first reported noise complaint when no other illegal activity is reported or observed.

    Your actions have an impact. Make it a positive one. Be a good neighbor both on and off campus. Please complete and submit this form within 72 hours of your event.

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