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Forms Abandoned Property (dilapidated house, abandoned vehicle)
Forms Alley Maintenance
Forms Animal Abuse/Conditions
Forms Barking Dog
Forms Building Material(s) Stored in Open
Forms Building Permit Violation
Forms Building Rubbish in Open
Forms Deceased Animal in Yard
Forms Ditch Maintenance
Forms Excessive/High Weeds and/or Vines on Property
Forms Flooding
Forms Floodplain Management
Forms Garbage (trash, small items) on a Property
Forms Graffiti - Streets/Signs/Sidewalks/Walls
Forms Hazard/Object in Street or Alley
Forms High Grass and Weeds on City Property
Forms Improper/Missing Fence around Swimming Pool
Forms Inoperative Vehicle(s) on a Property
Forms Junk (large items) on a Property
Forms Litter/Illegal Dumping Along City Streets
Forms Metal Building/Storage Shed not up to Code
Forms Mowing Along Street, Right-of-Way
Forms No Violation Noted
Forms Odor Complaint Form
Forms Other Animal Issue
Forms Other Code Enforcement Issue(s)
Forms Other Public Works Issue
Forms Owner Permitting Dog to Run Loose
Forms Pit Bull Violation
Forms Pothole repair
Forms Property Maintenance
Forms Repair Catch Basin/Drain Box
Forms Security Lights
Forms Sick/Injured Animal
Forms Sidewalk/Curb/Gutter Repairs
Forms Sight Obstruction
Forms Sign/Banner Violation(s)
Forms Snow and Ice Removal
Forms Stray Animal - Confined in Trap
Forms Stray Animal - Running at Large
Forms Street Name Signs
Forms Street Sweeping Request
Forms Traffic Lights
Forms Traffic Pavement Markings
Forms Traffic Signs
Forms Trap Request
Forms Tree Cutting - Permits and Information
Forms Tree Removal in Right-of-Way
Forms Unmowed Grass above 10
Forms Unsightly or Unsanitary Conditions
Forms Used/New Appliances in a Visible Location
Forms Yard Debris Swept into the Street/Gutter
Forms Yard Waste on the Property
Forms Zoning Violation